Orange County Bail Bonds

20 Something Bail Bonds works in Orange County often. The main goal in OC is to call the bail bondsman of 20 Something as soon as possible to ensure that if your friend of family member was taken to a police department, that they will stay there to wait for a bail. This will expedite release time by hours. Call now to stop the transfer or find out which jail your loved one was sent to.

Once your loved one is taken to the Central Jail in Santa Ana, they will begin the processing. Orange County inmate system requires a call to the Main Jail to acquire bail information - the information is not provided online. Call the bail agent of 20 Something now to guide you through this process.

Orange County contains many sheriff's police departments and three main jails which 20 Something Bail Bonds operates business in. When a person is arrested, one of two things can happen:

- The person can be taken to a nearby police station for holding. After an initial period of time, they are transferred to the Intake Center in Santa Ana.

- The person can be taken straight to the Intake Center in Santa Ana without going to a police station first.

The  professional bondsman is waiting to answer all question and communicate quickly with the Police Departments or the Intake Center to get your loved one out of jail. Call now to get information.

 Orange County Sheriff Police Departments

When a person is arrested in Orange County, they can often be taken to the nearest police station for holding. The best time to bail your loved one is as soon as they are arrested and taken to a police department. It takes less time for them to be released from a police department than from the main jail. A full list of city police stations can be found on the Orange County government website. After an initial period of time at a police department, an arestee will be transferred at a scheduled time to the Central Men's or Women's Intake Center at the Santa Ana Jail. 20 Something Bail Bonds is able to stop the transfer - call now.

 Santa Ana Main Jail: Central Men's or Women's Intake Center

On some occasions of arrest, people are taken straight to the Central Men's or Women's Intake Center of Santa Ana to be booked in. They are processed into the booking system and await bail. Orange County requires a call to the jail to get bail information of charges, bail amount, and court information if bailed. The typical release time for an inmate in the Central Intake Center is about 4 to 6 hours.

After a longer period of time, they could be taken to the Theo Lacy Facility or the James A Musick Facility located in the city of Orange and near Irvine, respectively.

20 Something Bail Bonds has worked in Orange County often and is specialized to the way Orange County operates. Available to meet with all clients or potential clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week allows quick bail!

 How Long Does It Take to Get Released from Jail?

Release time depends on where your loved one was released from. If they were released from a police station, then it shouldn't take more than an hour. It can even take as little as 20 minutes! If they were released from one of the Main Jails, it can take anywhere from 4 to 6 hours.