Bail Bond Locations: Near You

20 Something Bail Bonds (20S BB) is a mobile service that operates with your convenience and comfort at the forefront. Bonds are able to be posted at any location and time. There are several ways that business is conducted to ensure that a bond is immediately posted to get your loved one out of jail or out of the nearest police station.

The professional bail bondsman utilizes 24-hour availability, the connection of bail agents, and the modern advantages of using e-documents to meet your needs when bailing your loved one. Convenient and efficient service is given with bonds being posted directly following initial paperwork and payments. Call the 24-hour line to get started now.

Ventura County contains three main jails that are booking facilities. Bonds can be posted at the County Sheriff's Office jail facilities. A person arrested in Ventura County can be taken to a local jail or to one of the main intake jails - Ventura County Jail (Pre-Trial Detention Facility), Todd Road Jail, or East Valley Jail. The agent of 20 Something Bail Bonds is standing by to help you begin the bail process. Call now.

There are 5 cities that host jails in Riverside County - Riverside, Banning, Murrieta, Indio, Blythe. Your loved one will be brought to the nearest jail facility and then transported to the jail in Banning once they have been processed into the system. To get your loved one out immediately or stop the transfer, give the 24 hour bail line a call.

Arrestees in Orange County are most likely to first be taken to the local police station and then to the main intake center - Central Jail. Orange County has 3 main facilities - Central Men's and Women's Jail in Santa Ana, Theo Lacy Facility in Orange, and James A. Musick Facility near Irvine and Lake Forest. Bailing your loved one out of the police department shortens the bail time by hours. Give the 24 hour bail line a call.

The licensed bail bondsman of 20 Something Bail Bonds looks forward to guiding you through this process. Knowledgeable about bail, the process, and further questions, all of your questions are easily answered. Confidential and discreet information is provided over the phone to start the process of getting your loved one out of jail as quickly as possible.

Common questions, such as "What is Bail?" or "What happens after a person is arrested?," are answered on the page of Frequently Asked Questions.