3 Simple Steps to Post a Bail Bond with 20 Something

2. Call the Bail Agent of 20 Something Bail Bonds

Available 24 Hours When you hear of your loved one's arrest and have their details, you are ready to call the bail agent of 20 Something Bail Bonds. The agent will keep you informed on the booking process and get bail information once they are booked in. You will receive constant updates.

That is how easily you post a surety bond with 20 Something Bail Bonds. Your loved one will be on their way to being released from jail and getting back to normal life. Each county's bail process works differently, but the one thing they have in common? The sooner the bond is posted, the sooner your friend or family member can be released from a main jail or police station.

The Perks of Bailing with 20 Something Bail Bonds

The bail agent of 20 Something Bail Bonds is standing by to assist you with bail bonds in the most simple way possible. Get your questions answered or receive a free consultation by calling the 24-hour number. Along with your bail bonds services, 20 Something provides:

- Payments and payment plans that cater to you, including 5% instant credit with 5% down

- No unnecessary collateral

- Real-time updates on the process into jail, the bail, and the release from jail

- Transparent paperwork and copies for cosigners

- Court date reminders because life gets busy

- Free notary service if needed

- Free ride home from jail - just ask

Where Does Someone Get Taken After They Are Arrested?

After a person has been arrested, they are taken to the nearest police department or main jail. That depends on the county. To learn more about the different counties and the way they conduct bail, visit the Locations Page.

What Happens After Someone Is Taken to Jail?

When someone is taken to jail, they start the processing into the jail system. All of their personal belongings are taken into custody. Fingerprints and pictures are put into the jail's database. They are then put into a holding cell with other arrestees until their booking and bail information is processed. Oftentimes, they are able to use the phone to call numbers that are registered with the jail's operating phone system.

What Happens After a Bail Bond Is Posted?

Once a bail bond is posted, a court date is set at the nearby Superior Court for the person arrested. The bail agent of 20 Something will provide you with the court date and time. Life gets busy, so all persons involved will be sent a court date reminder. The court dates will proceed as the judge sees fit. 20 Something will be available until the close of your case for any and all questions.

Once you have called the bail agent of 20 Something Bail Bonds, you can visit the Frequently Asked Questions About Bail Bonds or the Bail Blog to learn more about bail bonds while awaiting your friend or family member's release.