Contact and Learn About 20 Something Bail Bonds

Available 24 Hours20 Something Bail Bonds is run with ethics and a system that puts the customer first. If you have any questions, please use the 24 hour line now to speak to the bail bondsman for inquiries about: 

- Defendant Information

- Bail Information

- Payments

 Background of 20 Something Bail Bonds

Making Positive Changes With a desire to make a change in people going through a challenging time and with a background in the industry, the owner conceptualized and put a bail bonds business into action. Knowing that individuals, largely from the ages of 18-25, need a caring bail bondsman to give them bail advice, the business was given its name. The vision of this business is to partner up with people, of all ages, along a part of their journey that includes bail bonds and assist them to the other side.

20 Something Bail Bonds services all of California.

 The Personal Bail Agent Method

Your Own Personal Bail Agent You have your trusted professionals in the industries of law and health that you choose to continue business with, so why not have your own personal bail agent? With 20 Something Bail Bonds, you receive a first-rate experience from the licensed and knowledgeable professional you work with. You will know who is working for you during this process, making communication efficient and reliable.

 Mobile And Modern

Convenient Service

20 Something Bail Bonds knows that this process, while either a new experience or a repeat, is always unexpected. Your loved one can be arrested and taken to jail at any time. Day or night. Here, you never have to worry that your bail agent will be unavailable - from the bail process to the end of your loved one's court case. Using modern technology, bail paperwork, also known as the bail bond application, can be sent to you  email. With this option, credit card payments can be taken using a private system online or by phone. If you want to do it the old fashioned way, no worries. Able to meet 24 hours a day, the mobile service will come to you.