How Much Does a Bail Bond Cost?

Bail Bond Cost

The Cost of a Bail Bond

December 11, 2016

In California, to get a bail bond for someone in jail costs 10% of the total bail amount or 8% and 7% under certain circumstances. This percentage of the full bail amount is called the bail premium. As an example – if someone is arrested and a police officer at the jail says that the bail amount is $10,000, then the amount that you would pay, or the bail premium, would be $1,000 to get your friend or family member released from jail and out on bail.

The circumstances to be able to receive an 8% bond are being referred by an attorney to a bail agency and being a member of a union or the military. This would mean that for the $10,000 bail amount, the premium owed to the bail bondsman would be $800 – saving you $200.

To receive a 7% bond, someone would have to both be referred by an attorney and be able to pay the full 7% bail premium upfront. No payment plans are allowed with this option.

Cheaper Bail Bonds Offered

Some bail bonds companies have been known to offer bail for cheaper prices. Maybe you have spoken to a bail agent that says they can post a bail bond for only 5 or 6%. This is ILLEGAL. People often find out that once all of the paperwork is signed and bail has been posted at the jail, the bail bond company will come back to collect or threaten to return the defendant back to jail.

This can be a tactic by some bail bondsmen, so that you will post a bail bond through their company. Play it safe and know that you are dealing with a trustworthy bail agency to begin with.

Why Is the Bail Premium 10%?

This amount is determined by the State of California. Each bail bonds company is given the capacity to transact bail through a surety company. The surety companies file their rates with the Department of Insurance since bail bonds is considered an insurance.

In California, all companies are approved for the standard rates given above. Proposition 103 was passed in November of 1988 which among other things, regulates all insurance rates including surety rates.

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